Finches - Year 1/2

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This half term the Finches topic is Toy Story.
We are going to build on the work the children did in their Reception Toy Box topic when they learned about different types of toys and looked at how toys work. We are going to look at how toys have changed over time and look at the use and properties of materials.
Reading at Home
Curl up with a book!
Please visit the website for some wonderful free levelled reading e-books to share with your child at home on your tablet or pc. Simply click on the My class login tab at the top of the page and enter the username - broomhill and the password - children
Year 1 Phonics Screening Check
The Phonics Screening Check in June is for Year 1 children and Year 2 children who didn't complete it last year. It is an informal check to help the teacher assess how well the children's phonic skills are progrssing and whether they are gaining the skills they need in order to be able to read words.
There is a good explanation for it if you follow this link Oxford Owl Phonics Screening and below is a leaflet about it as well as some examples of the test you can practise with your child at home - the words with pictures of a alien are 'nonsense' words and the children have to really apply their phonics skills to be able to read them.
Autumn Writing Week
We had an extremely creative and exciting week where the children were inspired to do different types of writing by taking part in fun activities such as making pumpkin soup and creating their own potions.
We were really pleased to receive our rekenreks today! Rekenreks are a math device like an abacus that can be used to support the children's mathematical understanding. We follow a programme in the afternoons called Mastering Number where we use rekenreks and other devices such as number frames and counters. The lady who designed the programme is also responsible for the Numberblocks on the  BBC iPlayer which is an excellent, well thought out series that introduces children to different number skills. Why not follow this link and watch some episodes together:
Be Who You Are Day
The children had an amazing Be Who You Are Day. We had astronauts, footballers, an interior designer, fairy tale princesses, wizards and superheroes as well children showing who they are with their wonderful clothing choices. They all looked fabulous and enjoyed reading Todd Parr's book 'Be Who You Are' and listening to him talk about kindness which inspired lots of the children to make their own books.
World Book Day 2021
We've had lots of fun at home and school wearing our pyjamas and sharing our favourite bedtime stories!
We really enjoyed our trip to Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens. We learned lots of facts about different animals. There were peacocks everywhere!
Our cress growing experiment taught us that seeds will grow in the dark but the plants grow tall, thin and yellow. We thought the cress in the dark was growing thin and tall because the plants were trying to grow up to the tiny crack of light at the top of the cupboard door. Our plants in the light look much more healthy. We concluded that plants need the light to grow well and to turn green, but that seeds can germinate in the dark.
The Germ Busters! came to visit KS1 and we learned how to wash our hands properly.