Seabirds - Year 3/4

Welcome to the Seabirds class page!
Our topic is Christmas Carols
We had a great Christmas Party today. All the children joined in with the games and enjoyed their party food too.
Week 6 : In the Seabirds this week we have been finding out about different Christmas carols. Each day we listened to and sang a carol. We all created a craft linking to the carol and wrote about them. We have learned: Little Donkey, Away in a manger, Silent night. We have found out how to sing Silent Night in sign language and we are looking forward to showing you next week at the Carols around the Christmas tree.  In PE we have been working on our team work and communication skills. We had to work together to make our way through a cave, discussing which was the best way to pull ourselves through. Today we have all come to school in our Christmas jumpers. We are all cosy and loved looking to see what everyone else has on their top!
Week 5 This week we have worked very hard to learn our 9 times table. We have found the patterns in the numbers, used our fingers to help us answer the 9 times table and completed a maths investigation. In our investigation we were trying to find out if there was any link between the answers and multiples of 9. There was. We were so impressed. 
We have been finding out about what Advent means and were very interested to discover that the name Advent comes from a very old word Adventus which means to go on a journey.
Next week we will be having a 'journey' around the world looking at different Christmas traditions. 
Week 4 
In the Seabirds this week we have been reading a new book called 'Ocean meets Sky' by the Fan brothers. We predicted what the story was about by looking at the front cover and then enjoyed reading the story and looking at the illustrations. We talked about a place where Ocean meets Sky and what that place might look like. We loved thinking about how clouds change shape and looking at the clouds outside. 
In maths we have been learning our 6 times table. We found a great song to help us learn. Next week we will be learning the 9 times table. Mrs Johnston has promised us that she has lots of fun ways to learn it. 
In Science we have been finding out about skeletons. Made skeletons and found out the names for lots of our bones. We also found out that a baby has 300 bones but an adult has 206. We were fascinated by this fact. 
Week 3
This week in Seabirds we have been thinking about a big question ' Should animals be kept in zoos?' Our answers have been extremely well thought out. Here are a few quotes from the children:
'I think animals should be kept in zoos because they need to be kept safe and looked after. Climate change is affecting Antarctica and the North Pole habitats and penguins and polar bears will possibly lose their homes.' Olivia 
'I think animals that can look after themselves shouldn't be kept in a zoo and animals that can't look after themselves should be kept in a zoo.' Austin
'To be honest zoos are helping animals.' Gracie
'Sea turtles are getting stuck in plastic, Grey squirrels are taking over red squirrels homes/ habitats.' Charlie 
'People work extremely hard to give the animals the right food and care.' Mia
'Some animals in zoos have a lack of space. Did you know that an elephant can walk 50km each day.' Oscar
We have been thinking about 'One kind word' this week. All week we have been sharing a kind word with others in our class and have thought about how we are all part of a jigsaw that makes up our class. The children came up with excellent ways that we could be kind to others. 
We are continuing to learn our times table and have enjoyed the 3 times table this week. Next week we will be learning the 6 times tables.
Week 2
This week in the Seabird class we have been talking about remembrance. We found out about why the poppy is used as a flower of remembrance and made wreaths to remember those who had died. 
In English we have been talking about Endangered animals and have been amazed by how many of the animals that we love are Endangered. We have also found out some of the reasons why these animals are becoming endangered. This is all in preparation for our great debate next week 'Should animals be kept in zoos?' If you have any maps of zoos that you have visited please send them in on Monday to help us. 
Week 1
In KS2 this week we have been learning about teamwork and what it means to be part of a team. We had to work together to create a route across the hall. 
Week 6
This week in KS2 we have been writing our own suspense stories. We have been working on showing drama in our work and can't wait to share our writing with you at parents evening. 
We have learnt about The Day of the Dead (the Mexican celebration) and found out about the flowers and symbols used. 
On Wednesday we met Julie who came to show us what a Forest School session would be like. We enjoyed having a fire on and had the opportunity to try out some of the other activities that we will be completing next half term. 
On Thursday we met Liam who came to show us how to play dodgeball. We learnt how to block, pass, dodge and score. We played games in pairs, in small groups and then as part of a team. 
Week 5
This week in the Seabirds we have a new character to help us to remember how we begin a piece of work. He is called DUMTUM and his name means Date, Underline, Miss a line, Title, Underline and Miss a line. The children have really enjoyed using this in their work. We finished reading George's Marvelous Medicine this week and wrote about how it had looked from George's point of view. Here are a few for you to have a look at.  We have begun creating some outdoor art work and look forward to sharing this with you next week.
Week 4
This week in KS2 the children have been exploring the power of magnets. We tested the strength of magnets and almost felt like we were magicians! We have created our own gas masks in Design and Technology. In English this week we have been reading George’s Marvelous medicine and the children’s recipes for their own medicines were amazing. We played giant noughts and crosses and used our skills in communication to attempt to beat our opponents. 
Forest School Friday. We created pictures, played in the mud kitchen and sat around the fire circle.
These are our amazing Anderson shelters. We are so proud of them.