Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

September 2021 -  July 2025


A world class curriculum and school experience:

We implement a meticulously designed curriculum that is balancedrigorouscoherentvertically integratedappropriatefocused and relevant. The curriculum offer is regularly reviewed to check that children have learned what was intended and iteratively improved to keep it ambitious.  The transition between phases is carefully designed to build powerful knowledge and skills.  We ensure equality of access for all children, including providing rich experiences to complement the curriculum and life beyond school.  We ensure an extensive outdoor learning provision and prioritise social and emotional development to build character.  We celebrate diversity and difference through whole community events.


A skilled workforce and a high performing culture:

We provide effective professional learning opportunities for all staff to gain expertise in solving the problems that they face. The conditions of autonomymastery and purpose are prioritised by the Headteacher and Governing Body allowing staff to live our 4 core values. Clear, equitable, rigorous and robust systems and structures supports efficiency and provide clarity for everyone. Staff work hard but only on practices that make a difference.  Staff collaborate in planning for and providing a world class experience, learning from each other.  This is underpinned by an effective appraisal system


Developing leaders:

We provide authentic leadership opportunities through distributed leadershipMiddle leaders play pivotal role implementing the school development strategy and teachers’ every day work. Succession planning ensures the continued focus on strategic priorities.  We ensure that leaders develop extensive knowledge of common problems and solutions through a collaborative programme of leadership development. Highly effective governance is underpinned by a an on-going programme of development, which ensures governors are fully equipped to oversee the leadership of the school.


Addressing underachievement:

We are an inclusive learning community that develops resilience, creativity, self-worth, self-direction, self-control, emotional literacy and connection to and caring for both the human and non-human world. We understand that these are fundamental building blocks for addressing underachievement. Our practices are research informed and developed through effective professional learning.  We prioritise oracy and literacy, ensuring equality of access to the curriculum for all children.   Our mastery curriculum is underpinned by a mastery mentality and we have high ambition for all children regardless of SEND or disadvantage.


A calm and purposeful environment:

holisticnature-based, learner-centred approach complements a classroom-based, adult-led model of curriculum delivery, as we recognise the therapeutic and learning benefits of nature play and empathic communication. We ensure that children experience success so that they are intrinsically motivatedKindness and gratitude are the default interactions. We have clear routines and expectations. Lessons are free from disruption and time is used efficiently.  All adults have equal authority and consistently lead behaviour in and out of classrooms.  Children take up varied leadership positions.  Children have a sense of pride in the school environmentHigh levels of attendance and punctuality ensure children have minimal disruptions to their education. 


The right support at the right time for families:

We maintain a nurturing environment. Our practices prioritise mental health and social development. We are a buffer for vulnerable families before early help is available. We foster strong community links and encourage families to be involved in school life. Broomhill is a family and we are always there for each other.