I'm an evacuee... Get me out of here!

14th October 2013

Children in the Seabirds class were evacuated today!  They packed their suitcases and said goodbye to parents as they prepared to travel by train to the countryside.  Children wore name labels and carried gas mask boxes while they found safety from the bombings of World War Two. They played wartime games on the train and sang songs as they travelled.  Once they arrived, children were chosen to join a host family and went off to their new homes.  Each child wrote a letter to their parents and then walked to the post box to send them.

"I felt sad leaving my parents."

"I'm excited because we get to go on an adventure. I can't wait to milk the cows and feed the chickens!"

"I hope my new parents are nice and not too mean!"

"I wouldn't like to have been an evacuee during the Second World War because it would have been scary.  You wouldn't know where you were going to live."


The Evacuation Day was part of our World War Two topic "I'm an evacuee... get me out of here!" 

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