Our Friendly Staff

  • Mr Smith


    Safeguarding Lead
    PE Coordinator
    SMSC Coordinator

  • Mrs Robison

    Office Manager

  • Mrs Palmer

    Key Stage 1 Teacher (Finches)

    English Coordinator
    Science Coordinator
    History Coordinator

  • Miss Wilson

    KS1 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Elliott

    KS1 Teaching Assistant and Lunch Time Supervisor

  • Mrs Oman


  • Mr Strutt

    Caretaker and Cleaner

  • Ms Davison


  • Mrs Haves

    Reception Teacher (Big Owls)

    Deputy Safeguarding Lead
    Early Years Lead
    Online Safety Coordinator
    Computing Coordinator
    Art Coordinator
    Design Technology Coordinator

  • Miss Carrick

    Nursery Teacher (Little Owls)

    RE Coordinator

  • Mrs Luke

    Teaching Assistant Apprentice

  • Mrs Stanton

    Teaching Assistant and Lunch Time Supervisor

  • Mrs Johnston

    Key Stage 2 Teacher (Seabirds)

    Mathematics Coordinator
    Music Coordinator
    Geography Coordinator

  • Mrs Hall

    KS2 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Ellis

    KS2 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Wigmore

    Lunch Time Supervisor