School Vision and Aims


Our Vision Statement

To create a happy and caring environment in which everyone feels valued and everyone is supported to fulfil their potential.


The Aims of our School

We aim to:

  • provide an attractive, stimulating learning environment where children work and play together, developing at their own rates and according to their own capabilities
  • offer a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, that meets the needs of every child and provides the opportunities for children to achieve their full potential in all areas of their development
  • encourage each child to have high expectations of his/her academic abilities and develop positive attitudes to learning
  • give high priority to promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils
  • have high standards in relation to behaviour and encourage individuals to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to understand the difference between right and wrong and take responsibility for their own actions
  • ensure that all children in our school feel valued as individuals and encourage them to have a positive image of themselves
  • encourage the children to develop a sense of respect for others and their environment
  • provide an environment which promotes equal opportunities for all and in which cultural diversity is valued
  • establish strong home school partnerships in which parents and carers are encouraged to take an interest in, and play an active part in their children’s learning
  • establish close links with the local community through activities and social events, and develop mutually supportive relationships with community organisations.


To be successful at meeting our aims we believe that positive attitudes and relationships need to be fostered between children, teachers, parents and governors, with all working together to ensure that every one of our pupils receives the very best educational experience.


‘Together We Succeed’