Step back in time...

8th May 2013

The Finches class had a fantastic trip to Beamish yesterday in the sunshine!  Children and staff had fun getting into the spirit of the Victorian era as they dressed up in old fashioned clothes for the day.  They spent time in the school and listened very carefully to the strict teacher - otherwise they had to stand with their nose on the 'Spot of Shame' at the blackboard!  They also visited the Miner's Cottages and explored the old town. 

"I loved going to the sweet shop as we got to see how the sweets were made and we even got to try one!" Rosie.

It was really fun going on the tram and it was the first time I had been on one." Adam B.

I enjoyed looking in the old houses because they didn't have electricity." Daisy.

I liked writing on the slates in the school.  I felt like I was really from the olden days!" Reece S.


Thanks to the parents who came with us and for your support in getting the children dressed up!